The Shadorun 4th edition toolset project aim to provide a lightweight toolset for Sr4 (Shadorun 4th edition) game masters. Our tools will ease the task of the game master by keeping tracks of all the important variables like ennemies stats, init, combat rolls, damages, contact sheets, nodes (in the matrix) stats and rolls, etc.

Our tools will use the Sr4 Core rules in the initial releases but will containt the expension rules in the form of add-on you can download.

All our tools will be compatibles with one another so you will be able to load your pc and npc sheets into all the modules and open the differents modules when you need then with a simple click. Here is a list of the module we plan to include in the toolset :
* Character Generator (for pcs and npcs)
* Critter Generator (monsters, spirits, etc)
* Combat tracker (health, init, ammo, etc)
* Range combat calculator (check for dice mods)
* Melee combat calculator (check for dice mods)
* Wireless tracker (calculates matrix check)
* Node generator (generate hosts stats)
* Vehicule generator (generate stats)
* Dice roller (check for glitch, crit)

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition


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